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[Webinar] Mid-year review of Internet governance developments

26 June 2012 -


Event description

We are at the end of the first six months of a very eventful year in Internet governance. What were the main developments, and what can we expect during the next six months?

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So far this year, the IG process has been shaped by recent events – including ICANN's 43rd meeting, the SOPA/PIPA online protests, the WSIS Forum, and several regional IGF meetings – and by several debates – including those on human rights, privacy and freedom of speech, copyright, and the new gTLDs. Other events are lined up during the next six months, including the 7th IGF in Baku in November, and ITU's World Conference on International Telecommunications in December. 

How have these events and debates shaped the developments in Internet governance? What can we expect during the next six months? 

Mid-way through the year is a perfect time to analyse the main developments so far, and to share predictions about future developments. Join us for our June Internet governance webinar, on Tuesday, 26th June, at 12:00 GMT (14:00 CET). The webinar will be hosted by Dr Jovan Kurbalija.

Attendance is free, but registration is required. Registrations are now closed.

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