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[Brussels e-briefings] Europe and Asia: a divergent path

26 January 2012 -


Event description

Despite several calls from the Eurozone to Asian emerging powers and to Japan, nations in the Far East are not paying much attention to the crisis faced by the European Union. In fact, the Asian assumption in Asia is that Europe’s decline is there to stay and will shape the new decade. Rather, Asian countries are looking more to the United States to provide security leadership and proper containment of China.

Back from South East Asia, our EU fellow and correspondent Richard Werly will brief us on the most recent events in the region, and explain why Asia and Europe are set for a diverging path in 2012, marked by a growing European push for more protectionism.

Join us on Thursday, 26th January, at 14:00 GMT, as we discuss some pressing issues:

  • Why have Asians been so reluctant, so far, to help Eurozone countries deal with their sovereign debt crisis?
  • Why are Europeans wrong in believing that China and other Asian emerging nations will jump to their rescue?
  • Why is the United States in a better position to take advantage of Asia’s security gaps and concerns?
  • How should Europeans avoid being side-lined from the world’s fastest growing region?

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