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[Webinar] Cybersecurity competence building trends

19 April 2016 -


Event description

Cyberspace has become an essential component of modern society, yet its merits are accompanied by threats. The prevention of cyber-threats is based in knowledge and competence. Not only is education important, but there is also the need to build up human skills and competences across society. Join us, on 19 April, for an online discussion on cybersecurity competence building trends and measures.

[Update] The digest, webinar recording, and presentation are now available. Access the full report (read or download) and the executive summary (read or download). More resources are available on the Cybersecurity page of the GIP Digital Watch observatory.

The study on Cybersecurity Competence Building Trends sets out the various measures that ten OECD countries applied to promote competence building measures in the field of cybersecurity. Examples of such measures include the development of cybersecurity curricula at universities, hubs and innovation centres at universities in cooperation with the private and public sector, professional education programmes, and knowledge frameworks. What other measures can be undertaken to foster competence building? How can competence building measures be integrated into national cybersecurity strategies? What are the main findings and key trends in the study?

The authors of the research will discuss the findings, and the strategic, policy and public-private partnership approaches related to competence building measures and cybersecurity, during an online webinar on Tuesday, 19th April, at 11:00 UTC. Read the executive summary of the study below; the full study – conducted by DiploFoundation and commissioned by the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs – will be made available during the webinar.

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