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[Webinar] Can Angela Merkel save the EU?

14 September 2012 -


Event description

Can Germany really save Europe? Right after the long-awaited German constitutional court decision on the future European Stability Mechanism (ESM- the future European Monetary Fund) and the legislative election in the Netherlands, EU Diplo fellow Richard Werly will brief us on Germany’s views towards the EU, and on the current state of the German economy.

This is a unique opportunity to understand the European crisis through the eyes of its most powerful economy, with incoming German elections planned for 2013. Through our webinar, Richard Werly will address the following questions:

  • In the aftermath of the German constitutional court decision, what can we now expect from the European rescue funds?
  • Are we witnessing an era of undisputed German leadership of the European Union?
  • Can Angela Merkel be Europe’s saviour? Does she really believe in the more integrated Europe she is officially asking for?
  • As a lot of anti-German feelings remain throughout Europe, how can such leadership be made politically acceptable?
  • Can other European major countries, namely France, the UK, and Italy, manage to agree with Germany?
  • Is the German economic miracle, based on shrewd competitiveness and fine industrial output, be a model for a future competitive Europe?

You are welcome to join us on Friday 14th September at 13:00GMT (15:00CET) for the live webinar.

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