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[Webinar] From Brussels to Ulan Bator and Almaty: How emerging economies are the real challenges facing the ailing EU


Event description

The European economy is stagnating. The European Union, though advancing towards solutions, is far from being out of the current crisis. Meanwhile, in countries rich in natural resources, countries like Mongolia and Kazakhstan, business is thriving. Mining, oil explorations, and gas fields are changing the economic landscape of these emerging economies. But the EU is very much absent. Why?

Just back from Ulan Bator (Mongolia) and Almaty (Kazakhstan), Diplo’s EU fellow Richard Werly will brief us on this shifting economic scene.

Join us for this live webinar and get a better grasp of the answers to the following questions:

  • Is Central Asia the next economic powerhouse, between Russia and China?
  • Can those countries play a crucial role in the great game for more natural resources?
  • Is the reopening of the Silk Road a credible transportation alternative between Europe and China?
  • Why is the European Union so absent and what shall it do to balance the American/Russian/Chinese influence?
  • Are mining giants the most powerful economic actors of tomorrow?

Join us live for this Diplo webinar with Richard Werly. Attendance is free but the registration is needed. Please register HERE