[Brussels e-briefings] After Sarkozy’s downfall, can Europe and NATO take a new turn?

17 May 2012 -


Event description

On 15 May, a new president will take power in France. François Hollande, elected last week, has promised to bring a growth agenda in Europe and to withdraw French troops from Afghanistan. Those words will be put to test very soon, as he will attend the G8 summit in Camp David and the NATO summit in Chicago on 18-21 May.

Live from Paris, after witnessing Nicolas Sarkozy’s downfall, Diplo’s EU expert Richard Werly will brief us on Thursday, 17 May, at 13:00 GMT (15:00 CET).

During this webinar, broadcast from the French capital, where Holland and his team are taking office, the following questions will be discussed:

  • After Nicolas Sarkozy’s defeat, can we expect a new role and new profile for France in Europe?
  • As the Afghanistan crisis continues to put pressure on the coalition, will France plead for a quicker withdrawal?
  • Can Europe respond to Holland’s ‘growth call’, and can the ‘fiscal compact’ be renegotiated?
  • As the political crisis in Greece deepens, should one expect a new round of financial difficulties and convulsions in the euro-zone?
  • More generally, how can a Europe in stagnation deliver growth and jobs?

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