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Keynote address by Dr Jovan Kurbalija at the 10th Caribbean Ministerial Strategic Seminar (organised by the CTU)

29 May 2012 -

Miami, USA

Event description

The 10th Ministerial Strategic Seminar "The International ICT Agenda: Partnering for Regional Action" will focus on the need for the Caribbean to participate more actively in global discussions and within international organisations that have a fundamental role concerning internet governance. 

Update: The report from the seminar is available  here.

The seminar will delve into the mechanisms that are open to the region to participate in these organisations and will discuss a framework that will enable the region to effectively represent its interests.

10th Ministerial J Kurbalija DiploFoundation 2The seminar is organised by the Caribbean Telecommunicatioin Union (CTU). Dr Jovan Kurbalija, Director of DiploFoundation, will deliver the keynote address at the seminar.

More information about the 10th Ministerial Strategic ICT Seminar is available here.