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[Brussels e-briefings] After the G8 summit, what is the agenda for 2011 for the most industrialised countries?

30 May 2011 -


Event description

G8 leaders gathered in France on 26-27 May 2011 to discuss issues including the global economy, political and security issues, Africa and the Middle East, and the Internet. Richard Werly, Diplo fellow and European Affairs correspondent for Le Temps, was also in Deauville to cover the summit. 

An e-briefings webinar is being hosted by Richard Werly on 30 May at 15:00 CET, to discuss the post-summit mood of the G8 leaders, and the issues that have dominated the summit agenda. Participants will be able to ask topic-related questions.

Topics for discussion:
– How to save the IMF from the Strauss-Kahn debacle…
– How to maintain a united front towards the ongoing Arab revolutions…
– How to solve economic and financial woes affecting the EU and the USA…
– How to make the world believe again in a ‘rising’ Japan…

Participants will also be able to ask topic-related questions.

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