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[Brussels e-briefings] After the fall of Tripoli, what’s next for the Arab Spring?

21 September 2011 -


Event description

Our EU Diplo fellow Richard Werly covered  the fall of Tripoli live. He arrived in the Libyan capital from Brussels, right after the last assault on Bab Al Aziziya, Colonel Gaddafi’s fortress and presidential compound. His contacts with rebels commanders, EU diplomats, NATO officers, have given him good insight to the situation and its impact.

Join us on Wednesday, 21st September (15 CET) for a webinar live from Brussels when Richard will try to answer the following crucial questions:

  • Is the Libyan revolution over? Did the rebellion achieve a clear victory?
  • Can Colonel Gaddafi stage a comeback? Should we expect a counter offensive from his supporters?
  • How is the Libyan population reacting to NATO intervention? Is foreign military assistance welcome on the ground?
  • What can we expect from the ongoing transition, from both a political and a security perspective?
  • Is there an Islamic threat in Libya today? If so, how can the international community deal with it?
  • Does the Arab Spring put more responsibility on the shoulders of Europe? Is Europe, weakened by the euro crisis, in a position to respond?

Due to the current economic climate, Richard will also take questions on the euro/Greek crisis but we will soon organise another webinar to follow-up the 2011 euro crash. Attendance is free, but registration is required. Participants will also be able to ask topic-related questions.