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[WebDebate]: What are the key skills for the next generation of diplomats?

04 October 2016 -


Event description

Our October WebDebate focuses on the key skills that the next generation of diplomats needs in order to succeed in a changing world. While there seems to be a core and timeless skill-set for diplomats, an increasingly connected world places new demands on the diplomatic profession. 


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The new demands, for example, concern the area of digital diplomacy as well as new developments in regional diplomacy such as the European External Action Service. Some trends should be welcomed as useful innovations and a meaningful addition to the diplomatic skill-set, while others might be a distraction from core functions. Prof. Paul Sharp and Mr Shaun Riordan will have a critical look at some recent trends and highlight the key skills for the next generation of diplomats.

The presenters will include examples and point to best practices from their own rich experience as practitioners, scholars, and teachers of diplomacy. The topics under debate will be crucial points for reflection for practitioners and academics alike. The WebDebate will be moderated by Diplo director Dr Jovan Kurbalija.

Join us for our next WebDebate on Tuesday, 4th October at 11:00 UTC (13.00 CEST). Registrations are now closed.

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About the presenters

Prof. Paul Sharp is Professor and Head of Political Science at the University of Minnesota Duluth and a Visiting Senior Fellow at the Clingendael Institute. His research is focuses on diplomacy, the English School, and the future of international relations in a post-state, hyper-plural world. He is the co-editor of the recently published Sage Handbook of Diplomacy.

Mr Shaun Riordan is a Senior Visiting Fellow at the Clingendael Institute. A former British diplomat, he is an independent geopolitical consultant. His current research focuses on innovation in diplomacy, business diplomacy and strategic approaches to digital and cyber diplomacy.