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WebDebate: Is research on diplomacy relevant and useful?

07 June 2016 -


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Is research on diplomacy relevant and useful? Is it helping us understand diplomacy and its role in modern society? Join us for our next WebDebate on 7 June, with Prof. Alan Henrikson, from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, and Prof. Yolanda Spies, from the Johannesburg University,  who will share their rich experience in research on diplomacy.

[Update] Read the follow-up blog post and watch the recording from the June WebDebate:

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Registrations for the next WebDebate, on 5 July, are now open.

There is increasing interest among researchers of diplomacy to study the field from various angles, from legal aspects and governance structure, to anthropological and cultural studies. Researchers often look at whether, and how, diplomacy contributes to better global governance.

Some deeper reflections focus on an importance of compromise – which is at the core of diplomacy – in modern society. A growing opus of research deals with the impact of new technologies on diplomacy. The underlying question is whether this growing research opus is useful and relevant for a better understanding of diplomacy and its role in modern society. Is research on diplomacy useful and relevant?

register-buttonJoin us for our next WebDebate, on Tuesday, 7th June, at 11:00 UTC (13:00 CEST). The discussion will be moderated by DiploFoundation director Dr Jovan Kurbalija. Register to reserve your place.

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