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[WebDebate]: Data diplomacy and knowledge management – key skills for the next generation of diplomats

06 December 2016 -


Event description

Our December WebDebate focuses on data management, data diplomacy, and big data. Data, information, and knowledge are at the core of diplomacy. We now have, however, entered a phase which stresses data management more than ever.


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Big data has become a buzzword and we need to think about the impact of big data on diplomacy. Questions about providing adequate training on data diplomacy also need to be raised. Our speakers will discuss how to provide training for diplomats in data/information/knowledge management and share practical examples in the area of training and capacity building.

Dr Petru Dumitriu will provide reflections from his comparative study of knowledge management in the UN organisations. Prof. Raymond Saner will share insights on big data and the Sustainable Development Goals. Join us for our next WebDebate on Tuesday, 6th December at 12:00 UTC (13.00 CET).

About the presenters

Dr Petru Dumitriu is a diplomat specialised in multilateral diplomacy. He is a member of the Joint Inspection Unit of the United Nations system since 1 January 2016, elected for a mandate of five years. Currently, he coordinates the review of the Joint Inspection Unit on Knowledge Management in the United Nations system.

Prof. Raymond Saner teaches international and multi-stakeholder negotiations at the University of Basel (Switzerland) and at Sciences Po, Paris and is Director of DiplomacyDialogue at the Centre for Socio-Eco-Nomic DevelopmenCSEND) in Geneva (Switzerland).

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