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[WebDebate] AI on the international agenda – where do we go from here?

04 December 2018 -


Event description

In our December WebDebate, we will be looking at artificial intelligence (AI). AI is of geostrategic importance. A number of countries have already launched, or are developing, AI strategies and there is a clear sense that AI has economic and security implications and that countries need to stay abreast of new developments. With the US and China emerging as two AI-giants, other countries are wondering where they fit in with these two very different approaches to the new technology.


AI is also emerging as topic on international agendas. Debates on Lethal Autonomous Weapons are one of the most prominent examples of new, AI-related topics becoming prominent on international agendas and in debates among diplomats and policy-makers. However, as AI potentially impacts nearly all aspects of society and the economy, it will become a prominent topic in many other debates.

We will explore these new topics and the geo-strategic shifts related to AI with two experts from the technology sector and academia: Mr Mike Nelson (cloudflare, USA) and Mr Claudio Lucena (Paraiba State University in Brazil, Foundation for Science and Technology, Portugal).

Join us online on 4 December at 12:00 UTC / 13:00 CET.


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