Unpacking the EU AI Act

29 April 2024


Event description

Diplo & GIP, WMO Building, 7bis Avenue de la Paix, Geneva

Organised by

DiploFoundation and Geneva Internet Platform

in partnership with

EU Delegation

 Unpacking EU AI Act

Whether you are deeply involved in AI developments, interested in AI governance, or looking to understand the impact of AI on our society, this event on ‘Unpacking EU AI Act’ will provide you with valuable insights and information. 

Gabriele Mazzini, the architect and lead author of the EU AI Act at the European Commission (DG Connect), will guide us through this 200+ page-long legislation by elaborating on the overall architecture and, in particular, the provisions in the EU Act of relevance for countries and actors beyond the EU.

Sorina Teleanu, Diplo’s AI governance expert, will provide commentaries. Jovan Kurbalija will moderate the discussion. 

Why you should attend

This event offers a unique opportunity to gain insights into:

  • The specifics of the newly adopted regulations and their implications for AI development and usage.
  • The impact of these regulations on global AI governance and regulatory trends.
  • Strategies for compliance and adaptation by businesses, developers, and policymakers worldwide.
  • The role of international organisations and Geneva in shaping a balanced, equitable, and innovative future for AI technology.


  • Radka Sibille, Digital Affairs Advisor, Delegation of the European Union to the United Nations Office at Geneva (opening remarks)
  • Gabriele Mazzini, the architect and lead author of EU AI Act at the European Commission (DG Connect)
  • Sorina Teleanu, Director of Knowledge at DiploFoundation 
  • Jovan Kurbalija, Director of DiploFoundation and Head of Geneva Internet Platform

Who should attend

  • Diplomats, international officials and policymakers
  • AI researchers and technologists
  • Legal professionals and ethicists
  • Business leaders and entrepreneurs
  • Students and academics interested in AI Governance


The event is organised by Diplo and the Geneva Internet Platform (GIP), in partnership with the EU Delegation.

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The event will be held at Diplo/GIP (WMO building, 7 bis Avenue de la Paix, Geneva).


Participation is free of charge, but there are limited seats available. Registration is closed.