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Tech Attaches Briefing: Outer space exploration and governance

28 June 2023

In-situ Geneva, Switzerland

Event description

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Every month, Diplo – as operator of the Geneva Internet Platform (GIP) – hosts briefings on digital tech and policy issues for Geneva-based diplomats. 

In the run-up to Summit of the Future, the United Nations Secretary-General has called on governments to look upwards and plan for the future. His recent policy brief on the future governance of outer space points to increasing competition in space activities (between governments and private sector entities) and calls for action to ensure the sustainability, safety and security of outer space.

Against this backdrop, the briefing:

  • explored recent developments and ambitious plans in space activities (from satellite launches and space station projects to Moon missions and the exploitation of space resources); and
  • discussed governance challenges and possible approaches to ensure the peaceful, safe and sustainable use of outer space.

This is an invitation-only event.