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Security Tour – 12 Tours to Navigate Digital Geneva

29 November 2021


Event description

In the past, when we talked about security, we meant the physical protection of an individual, entity, and/or country.

Our digital reality has expanded our lives, including the concept of security, far beyond what our forefathers would have imagined. Digital security, often referred to as cybersecurity, is as important and real as any other security component. This was confirmed by US President Joe Biden who said that a cyber breach could lead to a ‘real shooting war’ with a major power.

In our next tour, we will visit Geneva’s cybersecurity actors and processes by discussing with: 

  • Ljupčo Gjorgjinski,  Senior Advisor for Multilateral Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, North Macedonia
  • Francesca Bosco, Chief of Staff and Head of Foresight, CyberPeace Institute
  • Nemanja Malisevic, Director of Digital Diplomacy, Corporate, External & Legal Affairs (CELA), Microsoft 

Moderator: Vladimir Radunovic, Director of Cybersecurity and E-diplomacy, DiploFoundation

Geneva continues to build on its history as a centre for international relations and cybersecurity discussions. In June 2021, Geneva hosted the meeting between Biden and Putin on the future of cyber relations and the possibility of cyber detente between the two countries

Join us on a trip through digital security in Geneva on Monday, 29th November, at 11:00 CET (online).