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The London Diplomatic Summit – 3rd edition

26 November 2019 -

London, United Kingdom

Event description

The London Diplomatic Summit will examine the shaping of the artificial intelligence (AI) New World Order and its patterns.

The proceedings of the Third Edition of the London Diplomatic Summit will focus on four themes around AI:

  • AI balance of power

  • AI and inequality and disorder

  • Global governance and regulations  of AI

  • AI and international policy-making

The London Diplomatic Summit is an unprecedented diplomatic event that brings a fresh perspective to global challenges and to international affairs. The summit is guided by the principles of smart diplomacy, bringing together a diverse community of stakeholders, who will apply innovative approaches to finding practical solutions with a measurable impact.

Diplo’s Dr Katharina Höne will speak about ‘AI and international policy-making: The future and challenges’.

For more information about the event, visit the dedicated page.