Caribbean Telecommunications Union

The Caribbean Telecommunications Union (CTU) is an intergovernmental organisation dedicated to facilitating the development of the information and communications (ICT) sector in the Caribbean region. The CTU  works to facilitate economic, social and cultural development across the region through the provision of efficient and advanced information and telecommunication services.

The CTU is involved in initiatives aimed to assist its members states in developing and implementing effective and efficient ICT policies. The organisation has launched a project aimed to build spectrum management expertise in the Caribbean and to harmonise policy approaches to spectrum management in the region. It has also been involved in the establishment of the Caribbean ICT Policy Rapid Response Initiative, whose objective is to provide quick expert advice to regional policy makers, regulators and other groups in the area of information and communication technologies. In addition, CTU is one of the partners of the ‘Enhancing Competitiveness in the Caribbean through the Harmonization of ICT Policies, Legislation and Regulatory Procedures’ (HIPCAR) project, which has been undertaken in cooperation with the Caribbean Community and Common Market, executed by the International Telecommunication Union, and funded by the European Union.

The organisation is also one of the main driving forces behind the Caribbean Internet Governance Forum.

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