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Geneva Policy Immersion of the Capacity Development Programme in Multilateral Diplomacy for Africa, the Caribbean and Pacific Islands

07 June 2017 - 17 June 2017


Event description

Close to 30 diplomats and other officials from small and developing countries in Africa, the Caribbean and Pacific islands will participate at a 10-day policy immersion programme in Geneva. The immersion is the final stage of an extensive online training programme in multilateral diplomacy. Participants will take part in numerous UN meetings and dedicated discussions.

Selected elements of the programme

  • Introduction lecture by the Permanent Mission of Switzerland to the UN
  • Discussion with the Canton of Geneva and the UN’s Perception Change Project
  • The opportunity to attend the Human Rights Council and the World Summit on the Information Society
  • A visit to the Commonwealth Small States Office
  • An immersion activities with Permanent Missions of Austria and Latvia
  • A visit to the Swiss Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bern
  • Sessions at the ICRC and the World Health Organization


Number of participants

  • 14 African participants
  • 10 Caribbean participants
  • 2 participants from the Pacific



Small states with limited geographical, human, and financial resources face the challenge of doing more with less: they need to employ all available methods to increase their representation, including networks, alliances, and information technology tools. In addition, diplomats from small and remote states often lack the experience and exposure to Geneva-based institutions and processes that would allow them to ensure that the interests of their nations are well represented.

Small states, especially geographically remote Pacific, Caribbean, and African nations, strongly depend on international law and order. The effective presence of such states in International Geneva is vital for their social and economic development, as Geneva is the main governance hub for issues such as trade, climate change, health, and migration.

Capacity Development

Capacity Development Programme in Multilateral Diplomacy for Africa, the Caribbean and Pacific Islands