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Diplo’s programme during 8th Internet Governance Forum

21 October 2013 - 25 October 2013

Bali, Indonesia

Event description

The 8th Internet Governance Forum is taking place in Bali, Indonesia, at the end of October. DiploFoundation is participating through workshops and other activities. Full programme details are available below.

DiploFoundation is once again participating at the annual Internet Governance Forum. Diplo’s programme of activities includes:

(All times are +8 UTC/GMT, that is, Bali time)

1. Workshops and sessions

A number of workshops are being organised. The community is warmly invited to attend, either physically or remotely, or to view the recordings after each session:

  • Orientation Sessions (Schedules for Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, at 8:00 – 9:30 am, Main Hall). Every morning, DiploFoundation and other stakeholders are facilitating an orientation session aimed at mapping the overall IGF and other diplomatic/political processes, main actors and ecosystem, various topics, and to help newcomers understand how they can engage during and after IGF and benefit from it. The sessions will be highly interactive, and include group work as well as the participation of volunteer experts in various topics. On Day 3, the session includes a simulation exercise on negotiations. Participants can learn about the roles of different members of a drafting group, and how a text is negotiated. View streamed recordings:
    Day 1:
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    Day 2:
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    Day 3:
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  • High Level Leaders’ Meeting on ‘Global multistakeholder collaboration for achieving a safe, secure and tolerant cyberspace: Enabling growth and sustainable development through cyber ethics’ (Day 0, Monday, 21st October, at 9:30 am, Main Hall). Diplo director Dr Jovan Kurbalija is speaking on behalf of civil society at this high-level pre-event, organised by the Government of Indonesia. View streamed recording here:
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  • Opening Ceremony (Day 1, Tuesday, 22nd October, at 14:30 pm, Main Hall). Diplo director Dr Jovan Kurbalija is one of the speakers giving brief remarks to help kick-off the discussions of the 8th IGF. The speakers will be represent all stakeholder groups. View streamed recording here:
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  • Workshop on Making Multistakeholderism more equitable and transparent: From global to local and back (WS 57, on Day 2, Wednesday, 23rd October, at 11:00 am, Conference Room #4 Uluwatu 1). The workshop, co-organised by Diplo and the Multilingual Internet Group, aims to identify the shortcomings of the multistakeholder model, especially in emerging markets, and the great potential and risks that can be represented unless more equality, equitability, and better transparency are infused in it. View streamed recording here:
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  • Workshop on E-participation in IG processes (WS 68, on Day 3, Thursday, 24th October, at 14:30 pm, Conference Room #7 Kintamani 1). The workshop, organised by Diplo, focuses on ways to improve full year-round participation and inclusion in regional and global IG processes. The workshop starts by reviewing the current IGF Remote Participation Working Group (RPWG) draft of e-participation principles, followed by interventions from discussants, who present the most important strengths to emulate, and the weaknesses to address, in current e-participation practices. Focus is on the year-round activities that support in situ meetings. The workshop continues with a wider discussion with the option of breaking into two groups: one on principles, and one on practice, depending on audience interest. It builds on Diplo’s 2011 (e-participation principles) and 2012 (principles, with a discussion focused on overcoming challenges, particularly for persons with disabilities) workshops. View streamed recording here:
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  • Flash session on Diplo’s The Emerging Language of Internet Diplomacy project (Day 3, Thursday, 24th October; 17:15 – 18:00 pm, Conference Room #3 Nusa Dua Hall 3). What is the most frequently used word in IGFs? Who is most ‘talkative’ stakeholder? And how often do developing countries actually make their voices heard? The Emerging Language of Internet Diplomacy research project, which was launched last year, focuses on the reference frameworks, concepts, approaches, terminology, and patterns of communication, and answers many thought-provoking questions. The flash session provides an update on the project and demonstrates the ongoing analysis. Find out the latest statistics and analysis! View streamed recording here:
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  • Main session: Taking Stock/Emerging Issues – Internet Surveillance (Day 4, Friday, 25th October, at 9:00 am, Main Hall). Dr Jovan Kurbalija is co-moderating the plenary session which will focus on Internet surveillance as an emerging issue. One of the objectives of the session is to figure out how the Internet community and all its stakeholders can play a meaningful role in this debate. View streamed recording here:
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2. Community engagement during the IGF

As usual, a number of Diplo’s alumni are participating in the IGF. Themes and issues will be discussed on Diplo’s Internet governance community. Every year, the platform serves as a forum for discussions among IGF participants.

A dedicated community group, IGF 2013, has been created to serve as a virtual meeting place for community members who will attend the IGF in person, as well as those who will be participating remotely, to discuss, share information, and network before, during, and after the IGF.

You can also join us on social media; we will be sharing content, including content from the community platform, via our social media accounts:

3. Diplo community get-together

Diplo will be organising a get-together for alumni, friends, and members of Diplo’s online IG community, in Bali.

Join Diplo right after the Emerging Language of Internet Diplomacy flash session, on Day 3 (Thursday) in Room 3 for a get-together. The flash session starts at 17:15 pm.

4. Diplo booth at the IGF Village

Finally, if you are attending the IGF in Baku, don’t forget to pass by at Diplo’s booth at the IGF Village. New publications will be available, while our Diplo team will be happy to meet you in person.

Last updated: 29 October, 2013