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Diplo & the Geneva Internet Platform at the 13th Internet Governance Forum

12 November 2018 - 14 November 2018

Paris, France

Event description

DiploFoundation and the Geneva Internet Platform will be actively engaged at the 13th Internet Governance Forum, in Paris and online. Join us for workshops and sessions, and stay tuned for just-in-time session reports and IGF Daily summaries. Make sure to also drop by at our booth!

Just-in-time reporting

The GIP Digital Watch observatory will provide just-in-time session reports from the IGF, and IGF Daily newsletters, which will be available on the dedicated webpage A final report, published after the IGF meeting, will summarise the main themes.


Diplo and the Geneva Internet Platform are organising the following sessions:

The need for capacity development in Internet governance and digital policy is voiced substantively and regularly in official speeches and documents. Experienced facilitators and consultants are active in this area. However, supply and demand do not always match.

What does capacity development need to look like? What is the learning of activities on capacity development that could be useful to newcomers? Are there particular opportunities, risks, and benefits associated to capacity development in coming years?

Read the full report here.

AI is under continuous evolution. We see it in various applications, from translation tools to self-driving cars and beyond. There are more and more discussions around AI, and the opportunities and challenges it brings to various sectors. These discussions range from fact to fiction and from dystopian views to practical interpretations. But the technology is here to stay and it will continue to influence all aspects of society.

Together with the Geneva Internet Platform and the audience’s participation, the proposed session will build on three main themes: AI and the international geopolitical environment, AI as a topic on the international agenda, and AI as a tool for diplomacy.

Visit us at our booth

Diplo and the GIP will have a dedicated booth at the IGF Village. Visit us to get your copies of the IGF Daily newsletter and other digital policy-related publications, including the latest issue of the Geneva Digital Watch newsletter.

Alumni gathering

Diplo alumni are invited to join us for a get-together during the IGF. More details will  be available Diplo Alumni’s Facebook group.