lighting, Diplomacy

Town hall meeting on AI and Diplomacy at the Swiss Permanent Mission to the UN in Geneva

29 September 2023

Geneva, Switzerland

Event description

The meeting featured an in-depth look at the impact of AI on diplomacy and the future of human knowledge. What emerged was that:

  • AI is driving major changes in diplomacy and the day-to-day work of foreign affairs officers.
  • We need to think about human identity, cognition, and thought in the context of AI.
  • Switzerland and Geneva should participate in the ‘AI governance race’ by leveraging their key advantages.
  • We need to start experimenting with AI tools to understand how they can best help our work. Diplo has been experimenting with AI tools tailored to its own needs, including an AI advisor, an AI transcriber and synthesiser, and a bottom-up approach to AI.
  • We need to re-evaluate our interactions with machines and reclaim knowledge production.