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[Briefing] Internet governance in November 2018

27 November 2018 -


Event description

[Update] The digest and recording of the webinar is now available.


November was dominated by digital policy events, including the 13th Internet Governance Forum (IGF), among other Paris Digital Week events, and the ITU’s Plenipotentiary Conference. The UN General Assembly committees were busy with cyber-related resolutions, while governments announced further investment in emerging technologies.

What were the main Internet governance updates in November? How will recent updates influence the developments in upcoming months? Join us for our next monthly briefing, on Tuesday, 27th November, for a round-up of the major global IG and digital policy developments.

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Every last Tuesday of the month, the Internet governance briefings provide a ‘zoomed-out’ update of the major global IG and digital policy developments.

The Internet governance in November 2018 briefing takes place on Tuesday, 27th November, at 12:00 UTC (13:00 CET). Join us online; fill in the registration form to reserve your place. [Note: The November briefing will be online only.]

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