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Asia-Europe Public Diplomacy training workshop

24 August 2015 - 27 August 2015

Bangkok, Thailand

Event description

The Asia-Europe Public Diplomacy Training Initiative's third face-to-face training is taking place in Bangkok on 24-27 August 2015. The workshop is aimed at participants from ASEM countries, and offers participants the opportunity to gain insight into the current perceptions of diplomacy efforts in Asia and Europe and to learn how to incorporate public diplomacy skills in to their daily work.

The Asia-Europe Public Diplomacy Training Initiative has been set up in 2013 by the DiploFoundation, the Asia-Europe Foundation, and the National Centre for Research on Europe – University of Canterbury, to help to promote and facilitate skills training for diplomats and civil society actors. The aim of the initiative is to improve public diplomacy efforts between the countries of the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) process.

The initiative utilises the findings of the existing ASEF dual perceptions studies, EU through the Eyes of Asia and Asia in the Eyes of Europe, in developing toolkits and training modules focused on improving capacity among diplomats and civil society actors. The materials benefit from the insights offered from the vast amount of information collected looking at the how the EU is seen across Asia and vice versa.

The three-day face-to-face training targets young diplomats who work in the Asia or Europe Departments of ASEM Ministries of Foreign Affairs or diplomats  posted at embassies in ASEM countries dealing with public diplomacy issues.

Learn more about the three-day training, and the Asia-Europe Public Diplomacy Training Initiative.