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DiploNews – Issue 94 – 4 December 2006

DiploNews – Issue 94 – December 4, 2006

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New Online Courses for 2007

Diplo is pleased to announce a number of new online courses for 2007, including Diplomacy of Small States, 21st Century Diplomacy, Public Diplomacy, and Multistakeholder Diplomacy. These new courses have been developed in response to interest and suggestions from our former students and our research network, with the aim of covering topics not often offered through traditional diplomatic studies programmes.

For further details on the new courses and for a full schedule for 2007 online courses, please click on the titles above, visit our online course page or contact admissions@diplomacy.edu.

February 2007 Online Courses

We are currently accepting applications for the upcoming short online course starting in February 2007:

Courses are designed to allow working diplomats and others involved in international relations to continue their education by learning about new topics in the field of diplomacy, or to expand and refresh their knowledge of more traditional topics. Courses require 10 weeks of part-time study, typically 6 to 8 hours per week. Successful participants are awarded a postgraduate level certificate from DiploFoundation.

The application deadline for courses beginning in February 2007 is January 15, 2007. For further information, click on the titles of the courses above, or visit the Diplo website.

Video of Meeting with Vint Cerf

In the Newsletter for 15 November, we announced that the DiploFoundation’s Internet Governance Capacity Building Program participants met with Vinton Cerf for a well appreciated discussion. Highlights from the meeting with Vinton Cerf were recorded and a link is available for streaming on the IG website.

Intelligence in the Internet Age

Vint Cerf also appears in an article discussing whether the Internet makes us more intelligent. An article entitled "Intelligence in the Internet Age" appearing in CNet’s News.com analyzes the intelligence concept in the context of a rapidly developing and technology-driven world. The author looks at the evolution of the notion of intelligence from a historical perspective. What was believed to be an asset years ago may no longer be the case. But the extent to which new technologies and accessibility to a wealth of online information and knowledge make us more intelligent remains to be gauged.

MCA Conference – National E-Security Strategy

Malta will continue its pioneering role in the ICT field by drafting one of the first national E-security strategies. The drafting of the strategy, which will take place over the next few months, will be a truly multistakeholder process involving government, the business community, academia and civil society.

The drafting process for E-security strategy was launched through the Malta Communications Authority (MCA) annual conference on E-Security: Building National Strategies That Work (held from 30 November to 1 December, 2006) which convened experts from the EU to discuss various issues in relation to Internet security. Dr. Jovan Kurbalija, Director of DiploFoundation, spoke at the conference about the global perspective on e-security. The conference was co-organised by the European Network and Information Security Agency. Visit the website of the MCA for more details.

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