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DiploNews – Issue 76 – 30 August 2005

DiploNews – Issue 76 – August 30, 2005

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Last Call for Applications– Short Online Courses for Autumn 2005

Diplo has extended application deadlines for the three short online courses on offer for Autumn 2005 (starting in late September / early October):

  • Bilateral Diplomacy (Ambassador Kishan Rana)
    New deadline: September 5

  • Introduction to Diplomacy (Prof. Geoff Berridge and Mr Haraldur Egillson)
    New deadline: September 12

  • Language and Diplomacy (Dr Biljana Scott)
    New deadline: September 12

Courses are designed to allow working diplomats and others involved in international relations to continue their education by learning about new topics in the field of diplomacy, or expanding and refreshing their knowledge of more traditional topics. Courses require 10 weeks of part-time study, typically 6-8 hours per week. Successful participants are awarded a postgraduate level certificate from DiploFoundation.

For further information, click on the titles of the courses above, or visit the Diplo website.

Roma Diplomacy Programme Updates

The Bucharest Workshop of the Roma Diplomacy programme in July 2005 was attended by 25 motivated and enthusiastic professionals working for Roma rights in NGOs, international organisations and governments, mainly in Eastern Europe. In Bucharest participants developed their skills in diplomacy, media, writing and other areas, and put them into practice in some real situations. In mid-August the group began the online part of the programme with an Introduction to Diplomacy led by Ambassador Kishan Rana, a highly experienced diplomat and one of Diplo's senior lecturers. A full workshop report, as well as a participant list, a press release, project news, and coming soon, a photo album are available on the Roma Diplomacy website. For more information about this project please contact roma@diplomacy.edu.

E-Learning for Diplomats

Diplo Senior Fellow and diplomacy lecturer Ambassador Kishan Rana has recently published an article on e-learning for diplomats in the July-August 2005 edition of the Foreign Service Journal. This article begins by looking at the progress made by different foreign ministries in implementing online learning for diplomatic training, and then examines the range of methodologies and techniques available for such training. The article pays particular attention to the new possibilities offered by the Internet for teaching and learning, and the ways in which interactivity is introduced into the online courses run by Diplo. The full article is available on the Foreign Service Journal website.

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