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DiploNews – Issue 67 – 10 January 2005

DiploNews – Issue 67 – January 10, 2005

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How do you say 'Internet Governance' in your language?

Diplo would like to announce a new branch of our Internet Governance research project, coordinated by Ljupco Gjorgjinski, a recent graduate of Diplo’s Postgraduate Diploma in Diplomacy. This research will focus on the term “governance.” As you may be aware, the use of the term “governance” has become a significant factor in the deliberations on “Internet Governance.” While the term has various connotations in English, it does not even exist as a concept in some other languages. The first phase of this research will involve investigating how “governance” has been translated in the languages of the world in the context of the phrase “Internet governance.” We would appreciate it if you could send us the official translation of “Internet Governance” in a language you exercise command over, as well as a brief commentary on how the term governance has been translated/interpreted in this context. For instance, in some languages, the word used connotes “government,” “administration,” or “control.” In others, the meaning is more closely affiliated to “coordination.” Please send your comments to governance@diplomacy.edu. All relevant contributions will be included in the portal with proper acknowledgment.

Registration Extended due to high interest: International Conference on Multistakeholder Diplomacy

Due to the high level of interest, the registration deadline for the International Conference on Multistakeholder Diplomacy has been extended until January 30, 2005. Please register soon to ensure your place.

This conference, to be held from 11 – 13 February, 2005 in Malta, is co-organised by DiploFoundation, the Maltese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Global Knowledge Partnership and the Swiss Agency for Deve-lopment and Cooperation. The conference will aim at contributing to the World Summit on the Information Society and Internet Governance processes by providing policy and practical recommendations for Tunis 2005. For more information please visit the conference website.

Last Call for Applications: Bilateral Diplomacy

Diplo is now accepting applications for this postgraduate level online course which will start on March 2, 2005. This course will acquaint participants with bilateral diplomacy; one of the essential building blocks of international relations. Teaching of basic theory is combined with concrete experience resulting from the actual practice of diplomacy. The course should give participants a complete overview of the content and methods of bilateral diplomacy, with practical examples that equip them to analyse international affairs. The course is conducted entirely online, over a period of two months.

The deadline for applications is January 14, 2005. For more information or to apply, visit the course website or e-mail admissions@diplomacy.edu.

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