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DiploNews – Issue 60 – 8 April 2004

DiploNews – Issue 60 – April 8, 2004

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Results: Paying for E-mail Poll

Thank you to all the readers who voted in our poll last issue. The general trend seemed to be skepticism that it could actually work… Here are the results:

Question: Are you ready to pay a minimal charge for e-mail if this would reduce the amount of spam coming to your inbox?

NO – 14 votes
YES – 3 votes

And some of your comments:

I'd pay a little (really little) if I was SURE that would remove all the spam. Otherwise I am ok with the delete button.

No. Firstly, "Reduce" is vague term. Secondly, it will shove power into hand of a few monopolists, and thus choke innovation and entrepreneurship.

If the money goes to the NGO or people in needs like homeless or the third world.

Not a good idea. You will pay and the spam mail will go on.

DiploFoundation Internships

DiploFoundation is now accepting applications for six-month online internships in a variety of fields, including research on information society issues and the multi-stakeholder approach in diplomacy. General requirements include a good command of English, both written and spoken, and the ability to work in a diverse, challenging environment as well as to undertake independent tasks. Internships are carried out over the Internet and are unpaid. Interested applicants should visit our website to read through our internship program description and our list of internship projects, and for application instructions. The applications deadline April 30, 2004, for internships beginning in early May.

Call for Applications: Bilateral Diplomacy Online Course

Diplo is now accepting applications for this postgraduate level online course which will start on July 5, 2004. This course will acquaint participants with bilateral diplomacy; one of the essential building blocks of international relations. Teaching of basic theory is combined with concrete experience resulting from the actual practice of diplomacy. The course should give participants a complete overview of the content and methods of bilateral diplomacy, with practical examples that equip them to analyse international affairs. The course is conducted entirely online, over a period of two months.

The deadline for applications is May 14, 2004. For more information or to apply, visit the course website or e-mail admissions@diplomacy.edu.

CASIN Seminar on the Management of Interdependence

CASIN (Center for Applied Studies in International Negotiations) is now accepting applications for its 26th seminar on the Management of Interdependence, to take place in Geneva from 16 – 25 June, 2004. The theme of this seminar is “Local Business, Global Policies: Creating an Enabling Environment for Trade & Development.” The seminar will focus on business as an actor for development and explore avenues to maximize the private sector’s potential for the benefit of the world’s underprivileged men and women. The seminar will tackle the question of what constitutes an enabling environment for trade and development and critically examine the current global rules at play. CASIN is looking for qualified participants for this forthcoming seminar. Some partial and full fellowships are available. The deadline for applications is May 5, 2004.

For more information visit the CASIN website.

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