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DiploNews – Issue 59 – 12 March 2004

DiploNews – Issue 59 – March 12, 2004

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Bilateral Diplomacy Online Course – Call for Applications

Diplo is now accepting applications for this postgraduate level online course which will start on July 5, 2004. This course will acquaint participants with bilateral diplomacy; one of the essential building blocks of international relations. Teaching of basic theory is combined with concrete experience resulting from the actual practice of diplomacy. The course should give participants a complete overview of the content and methods of bilateral diplomacy, with practical examples that equip them to analyse international affairs. The course is conducted entirely online, over a period of two months.

The deadline for applications is May 14, 2004. For more information or to apply, visit the course website or e-mail admissions@diplomacy.edu.

New DiploHandbook: The 21st Century Ambassador: Plenipotentiary to Chief Executive

This new publication by Kishan S. Rana comprehensively examines the institution of the ambassador, one of the prime constituents of the international system, in terms of its contemporary relevance, responsibilities and potential. Kishan S. Rana served as India’s Ambassador and High Commissioner to Algeria, Czechoslovakia, Kenya, Mauritius, and Germany; and as Consul General in San Francisco. He spent one year on Prime Minister Indira Gandhi’s Staff. The 21st Century Ambassador is due for release in mid-March, 2004. Please check the Diplo website in the upcoming weeks for ordering details.

Paying for E-mail?

The idea of charging for e-mail as an anti-spam strategy is not new, but it has emerged as a hot topic of debate since Bill Gates made this suggestion at the World Economic Forum in Davos in January. The idea is that a very minimal charge per e-mail would not present an obstacle for regular users, but it would become a significant deterrent for companies sending millions of spam messages per day. The idea has been criticized as contrary to the open and democratic nature of the Internet, and also as impractical and difficult to implement.

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