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DiploNews – Issue 50 – 9 January 2003

DiploNews – Issue 50 – January 9, 2003

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DiploFoundation Established

With the beginning of this year we enter our new status as the DiploFoundation. The statute of the DiploFoundation was signed by represetatives of the governments of Malta and Switzerland on November 20, 2002. After almost ten years of research, training and software development in the field of diplomacy, we have expanded from our roots with the Malta-based Mediterranean Academy of Diplomatic Studies and the Geneva-based Graduate Institute of International Studies to become an independent organisation. With offices in Malta, Geneva and Belgrade, we will retain our close ties to the Mediterranean Academy and the Graduate Institute, while welcoming new affiliations with other governments and institutions.

With its new status as a foundation, Diplo expands its capacity to assist all countries, especially those with limited human and financial resources, to participate meaningfully in international affairs. For more information see our press release.

DiploBooks on Sale

Visit our website soon to take advantage of reduced prices on most of our recent publications.

Diplomacy on Iraq Internet Portal

As the spotlights of the international community focus on Iraq and the stakes for the potential war rise, it is worth examining various aspects of the diplomatic maneuvering that underpins the current US-Iraqi stand-off.
The DiploTeam has developed an Internet portal dedicated to diplomacy on Iraq, aimed at introducing a number of aspects of the current crisis and addressing the core problem of war and peace through the lens of diplomatic interaction between major international actors.

Please visit the Diplomacy on Iraq Internet Portal, browse through our resources and join our discussion forum.

Register Now – International Conference on Intercultural Communication and Diplomacy

In order to guarentee hotel reservations we encourage all interested parties to register now for the International Conference on Intercultural Communication and Diplomacy.

Communication with other cultures has always been central to diplomacy. The essence of the diplomat's work lies in the relations between countries and peoples. Important decisions in international relations and related fields effect citizens of more than one nation, therefore the question of whether communication between people of different nations is effective and whether all parties emerge with the same understanding is of crucial importance.
Lack of knowledge of another culture may confuse or even offend the people we wish to communicate with, making the conclusion of international or bilateral agreements difficult or impossible.

Building on our work in the field of language and diplomacy, DiploProjects will host an international conference on intercultural communication and diplomacy, from February 20 – 23, 2003. With the help of participants from the diplomatic, academic and business communities we hope to uncover the interplay between diplomacy and intercultural communication; to learn what diplomacy can gain from and contribute to the field. For more details and for conference registration information, please visit the conference website or e-mail Sylvana Bugeja.

Crossword – 2002 in Review

How well do you remember major events of this year? Test your knowledge with our latest crossword puzzle.

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