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DiploNews – Issue 49 – 13 November 2002

DiploNews – Issue 49 – November 13, 2002

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Reminder – 2003 Online Course in IT and Diplomacy – Call for Applications

DiploProjects is accepting applications for the 2003 Online Postgraduate Diploma Course in Information Technology and Diplomacy until November 30, 2002. This year-long course will begin in February 2003 with a 10-day introductory workshop in Malta. The course this year will focus on preparing participants for international IT and telecommunications summits and conferences such as the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS – Geneva, December 2003). All course information, and application instructions and forms are available on the course website. If you have any questions please contact
Sylvana Bugeja.

Call for Papers – International Conference on Intercultural Communication and Diplomacy

Communication with other cultures has always been central to diplomacy. The essence of the diplomat's work lies in the relations between countries and peoples. Important decisions in international relations and related fields effect citizens of more than one nation, therefore the question of whether communication between people of different nations is effective and whether all parties emerge with the same understanding is of crucial importance. Lack of knowledge of another culture may confuse or even offend the people we wish to communicate with, making the conclusion of international or bilateral agreements difficult or impossible.

Building on our work in the field of language and diplomacy, DiploProjects will host an international conference on intercultural communication and diplomacy, from February 20 – 22, 2003. With the help of participants from the diplomatic, academic and business communities we hope to uncover the interplay between diplomacy and intercultural communication; to learn what diplomacy can gain from and contribute to the field. We are currently accepting proposals for conference presentations. Papers presented at the conference will eventually be published in a collection of conference proceedings. For more details and for conference registration information, please visit the conference website or e-mail Hannah Slavik.

Press Release – International Conference on Web-Management for International Organisations

DiploProjects would like to announce the success of the International Conference on Web-Management for International Organisations, held at the Geneva Centre for Security Policy (GCSP) on October 30 and 31, 2002. The newly appointed director of the GCSP, Ambassador Gérard Stoudmann, welcomed Mr José Maria Figueres, managing director of the World Economic Forum, who gave the opening speech. Mr Figueres underlined the value of information and communication technologies in achieving the challenge set by the United Nations Millennium Declaration and particularly in assisting developing nations with growth and development. He highlighted the importance of the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) for the future development of ICT worldwide.

Mr Pierre Gagné, executive director of the WSIS, delivered the second keynote speech, outlining WSIS activities in the coming months. He highlighted the importance of the regional preparatory conferences in providing a forum for discussion among various stakeholders involved in the process. Mr Gagné stressed the importance of adapting action plans to regional needs, taking into account the specific needs of both developed and developing countries.

Other topics addressed at the conference included: case studies of websites, security issues, web policy and development methodologies and other web-based operations such as distance learning. The conference also marked the launch of the book "Building.org: A Guide to Creating Successful Websites for International Organisations," by Michal Olejarnik and Igor Nuk (2002, DiploPublishing).

For more information please visit the conference website.

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