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DiploNews – Issue 5 – 24 September 1999

DiploNews – Issue 5 – September 24, 1999

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International Forum on Diplomatic Training – Vienna, September 21-24, 1999

The Diplomatic Academy of Vienna hosted the International Forum on Diplomatic Training – the 27th Annual Meeting of Directors and Deans of Diplomatic Academies and Institutes of International Relations. It was attended by more than 50 directors and deans of diplomatic training institutions from around the world. The main theme of the meeting was how to train diplomats to cope with new topics and to work in a constantly changing internal and international environment. The following main topics were discussed: management and diplomacy, on-line learning, teaching the implications of globalisation, etc. The Forum will go "on-line" through its website, which was developed by DiploProject. It will be hosted at the Diplomatic Academy in Vienna.

Cryptography Software and International Relations

One of the hottest issues in American foreign trade has been the limitationsof the export of cryptography software and other tools. The latest move of the American government has been to relax existing restrictions on the export of cryptography software. The main concern of the US administration was that cryptography tools could be used against the national interests of the US in activities such as terrorism, drug smuggling, etc. On the other hand, such a restrictive regime constrained the export activities of the software industry. Protection of privacy of communication has become increasingly important. The US export restrictions opened this market for European and other software companies. The proper balance of the need for privacy in communications and security concerns will be one of the key international aspects of the development of the Internet. You can find out more about the issue at this website.

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