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DiploNews – Issue 4 – 15 September 1999

DiploNews – Issue 4 – September 15, 1999

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WIPO: E-Commerce and Intellectual Property

We already mentioned the tendency of international diplomatic agendas to extend to Internet-related issues. Today's meeting in the WIPO is another step in this direction. The topic of discussion is how to create a friendly international environment for the development of e-commerce. The key topic is copyright, but other issues will be addressed as well. Check the website.

You can also refer to an article in Wired about e-commerce.

Distance Learning – Pros and Cons

Distance learning is shaking the academic world. The debate between "techno-optimists" and "techno-pessimists," already familiar from the business and governmental sectors is coming to the academic world. IT has been up till now a subject of academic work (inventions in the field of IT, Internet was invented as military-academic project etc.), but now it is becoming a means for the reform of academic life. The first area could be teaching. Reactions are mixed. While the arguments for distance learning are more-or-less well-known, let us see some arguments against distance learning. Audiatur et altera pars, as well as your views that can be sent to diploedu@diplomacy.edu .

Visit this Wired article.

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