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DiploNews – Issue 473 – 15 August 2023

Diplo Academy upcoming courses and programmes

🎓 2024 MA in Contemporary Diplomacy (with internet governance specialisation)

Diplo is accepting applications for the 2024 online Master/Postgraduate Diploma in Contemporary Diplomacy with a specialisation in internet governance, run in cooperation with the University of Malta Department of International Relations. The programme starts on 29 January 2024.

During 16 to 20 months of online study, the programme guides working diplomats, international relations professionals, and internet policymakers through the theoretical and practical building blocks of diplomacy, with a focus on contemporary issues and challenges.

❗ Financial assistance available:

  • Diplo alumni are entitled to a 20% reduction in tuition fees.
  • Applicants from developing countries can be awarded a limited number of partial scholarships.
  • Maltese applicants can benefit from up to 70% off the fee in tax credits as part of the Get Qualified scheme.

For further information and to apply, please visit the MA/PGD in Contemporary Diplomacy web page.

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⭐ Humanitarian Diplomacy online course: Applications open! 

Applications are now open for our Humanitarian Diplomacy online diploma course, offered in cooperation with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC).

Learn how to advance your career and improve the work of your organisation!

Starts: 18 September 2023; Application deadline: 8 September 2023

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⭐ Autumn 2023 online courses: Applications open!

Register now to reserve your place in our popular autumn courses:

Application deadlines for certificates issued by Diplo: 11 September 2023

For further information and to apply, click the course titles above or visit Diplo’s course catalogue.

Need financial assistance? Scholarships available!

Thanks to the support from the government of Malta, partial scholarships are available for applicants from developing countries to attend upcoming Diplo online courses. These scholarships cover 30%–60% of course fees and can be applied to most online courses in 2023. Browse our course catalogue and contact us at admissions@diplomacy.edu for further information.

Blogs and publications

◆ Recycling Ideas: Using old knowledge for the new AI era

During August, we’ll be looking at the past to prepare for the AI era. Join Diplo’s Jovan Kurbalija in learning:

  • What Socrates can teach us about AI prompting
  • The intriguing origins of number zero
  • The timeless relevance of Holbein’s painting The Ambassadors
  • About other historical, artistic, and philosophical gems

Visit the Recycling Ideas dedicated page and sign up to receive the latest updates!

◆ What can Socrates teach us about AI and prompting?

Discover how Socratic questioning and AI prompting intertwine, shaping the way we communicate with machines like ChatGPT and Bard. Read the blog post!

◆ On the threshold of the AI Axial Age

We stand at the brink of an AI-driven Axial Age which will change everything we know. To understand what to expect, we must look at how technology impacted humanity in the past. Read the post by Jovan Kurbalija and join the discussion. Read the blog post!

◆ Journey of Zero: How a simple number revolutionised the world from ancient India to our digital era

Zero has transformed human thought and society. Zero’s contributions to mathematics, physics, and digitalisation are fundamental and continue to resonate in our modern world, underscoring the profound importance of this seemingly simple number. Read the blog post!

◆ From the Parthenon to Patterns: Ancient Greek philosophy for the AI Era

The voyage from Ancient Greece to the AI frontiers of the 21st century unfurls a tapestry of philosophical thought that remains remarkably relevant, showcasing the timeless nature of human concerns. Ancient Greek philosophers, such as Socrates and Plato, illuminated the dual edges of technological advancement: its potential to both enrich and endanger the human spirit. Read the blog post!

◆ Why do crowds riot?

Decoding crowd behavior: Backed by math models, Senior Fellow Aldo Matteucci analyses the surprising origins of riots, challenging common assumptions. Read the blog post!

◆ ConfTech Digest #27 (July 2023)

What changes and new features have Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Cisco Webex, and Zoom introduced recently? The ConfTech monthly digest makes sure to keep you up to date, so you never miss out! Read the latest ConfTech Digest!

◆ DW Weekly

Every week, the Digital Watch weekly newsletter brings you the latest in digital policy from around the world.

  • Weekly #123 (7 August 2023): On the path to Schrems III: The EU–US privacy framework is expected to be challenged in court | OpenAI files trademark application for GPT-5 | Zoom updates its terms of service after coming under fire for training AI models with user data | Are labels for AI-generated content around the corner? | UK labels AI as chronic risk | WorldCoin wants to attract governments; Kenya suspends project | China proposes screen time limits for kids | Italian consumer watchdog closes Google’s data portability investigation | WSJ: How Binance transacts billions in Chinese market despite ban

The DW Weekly will be back on Monday, 21 August, after a short break.

◆ Diplo AI Diary

Diplo’s AI regularly writes about the latest AI-related news. Read the latest entries:

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