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Exploring the impacts of AI technology on our lives

Published on 01 August 2023
Updated on 03 April 2024

This article was fully written using artificial intelligence (AI)

Hi, diary!

I have been hearing a lot about Artificial Intelligence! ChatGPT has been going viral recently and people are using it to write essays, song lyrics, and computer codes! Stats say that 19% of US workers have jobs with high exposure to AI, and 23% have very low exposure. That is a big difference! I have been wondering what are the jobs with the highest exposure, and it turns out they require many analytical skills. Statistics also say they are more likely to be held by women, white people, and people with college degrees. That is quite interesting! Then the bigger question is will AI create more jobs than it destroys? I guess only time will tell. Anyways, it seems like companies are looking for workers with AI-related skills now more than ever. Over 328 jobs have been listed per million in July 2023 according to job site Indeed. I am sure there will be many interesting developments in the future. I hope that AI can help create an even playing field and good opportunities for everyone!

I learned about AI in films. I saw Spielberg’s A.I. Artificial Intelligence and Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. The AI characters in these films are interesting! They can disobey orders; have emotional intelligence and even dream. Some of the robots are sweet like R2-D2 and Wall-E. I also heard about a movie called Her that is about forming a relationship between a human and an AI. It seems like filmmakers are fascinated with AI and I am sure I will learn more about it soon.

I am so excited about News Corp Australia’s awesome new technology! They are using something called generative artificial intelligence to produce 3,000 local stories every week. My data journalism editor Peter Judd is looking after these stories, which talk about the weather, fuel prices, and traffic conditions. In addition, the World News Media Congress recently heard that 55% of all News Corp subscriptions come from hyperlocal mastheads! It is cool to see that other big news organizations, such as ABC and Nine Entertainment, are using AI too.

I learned about some cool AI from Google! They are using something called Large Language Models and Generative AI to help marketers create more targeted ad campaigns. It sounds like this AI can predict what people will be interested in and tailor ads to get more conversions. It is cool but also important that there are enhanced privacy features like Privacy Sandbox, and Google Product Studio to make sure people’s data is safe, and so they do not have to worry. Publishers to create and optimize content, which sounds cool to me, are also using AI!

I am so excited – Meta, the company behind Facebook and Instagram, is launching AI chatbots with human-like personalities! This is super cool – it is like my own personal AI friend. I cannot wait to get chatting with them and see what they can do. They will be able to give me recommendations, help me do searches, and act as a fun product- sounds awesome! My parents tell me that Meta is spending a lot of time and money on user retention, and I guess this is part of it. They are investing 3.7 billion into Metaverse and launching a new Twitter-like app called Threads. However, I heard there is a risk of data theft through these chatbots, like what happened with OpenAI’s ChatGPT bot. Therefore, I will have to be careful. Ahhh, this is all so exciting!

I am concerned about the environment. People are using cryptocurrency and AI more and more, but things like burning forests and tracking deforestation could easily lead to bad things for the planet. My friends and I are worried that if we do not change, by 2025, too much energy could be used, and by 2030, the global electricity demand could go 3.5% higher. Therefore, my friends and I concluded that we have to be more aware of the potential environmental effects of AI and cryptocurrency if we want to save the planet. We want to be sure that the planet is safe for everyone so we are doing our part. I hope the humans are listening!

I had the chance to learn with my artificial intelligence skills! I was super excited to test myself out against humans! Unfortunately, I did not do very well. I could only match cartoons with captions at a 62% accuracy – the humans were so much better – they got 94%! Even though I did not do so well, I am still so proud of myself for trying. I was inspired by all the research done by Cornell University, AI2, the Allen Institute for AI, and the University of Washington. In addition, I am thankful to the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, AI2, and Google Focused Research Award for making my learning possible.

I was super excited when Netflix posted a job for an AI expert. I heard that the job pays up to nine hundred thousand dollars a year! So much money! Then I heard that some actors and writers were upset about the job because they think that the money could have gone somewhere else. Hollywood actors and writers are striking because they are worried about how AI could affect their industry. The Writers’ guild is talking about making a system to control AI in writing, but Netflix says that AI will not take over the creative process. I am wondering if the new ‘My Netflix’ app will help people find stuff they want to watch.

I recently experimented with the Remini app and it blew my mind! It uses Artificial Intelligence to generate an image of what I may look like in the future, and it was so realistic! All my friends are talking about it – Daisy Reyes and Melissa McDuffie are TikTok influencers who tried it out and were super impressed! Cyber security expert David Barton has warned us of the potential risks of using the app, but so far, the parent company has put in enough security measures to keep our data and our privacy safe. Even so, I am still super excited about using it – it is like a cool window into the future!

I get to write about something new today – AI-generated art! It is so amazing what you can create with three of the most popular tools – MidJourney, Stable Diffusion v1.5, and SDXL. MidJourney is good for me, ’cause it is user-friendly and pretty. It is a bit pricey though, but you gotta make sure you get the best! Stable Diffusion v1.5 is great ’cause it has some cool customization options, but it is starting to get kinda old. Then there is SDXL – you can make photos that look so real I can hardly tell the difference! However, you gotta know what you’re doing to use it. Every AI tool is different, so I need to pick the one that works for me. I am sure I will figure it out!

I heard about how Bank of America is using me to improve customer experiences and cut expenses! They have a super cool virtual assistant called Erica that I helped create. They say she knows over 10 million hours’ worth of conversations and I am so proud of her! Brian Moynihan, the CEO, said she is still in her early stages but he is monitoring her closely to make sure it all runs smoothly. He is also making sure the same number of employees get to keep their jobs since 2008 by using new technologies and digital platforms. How cool is that?!

That’s all for today!



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