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DiploNews – Issue 411 – 18 January 2021

Upcoming study opportunities

Apply now! February 2021 online diplomacy and digital policy courses

Start the new year with one of our most popular online courses:

Courses start on 22 February 2021. Apply by 18 January 2021 for Diplo certificate courses. For further information or to apply, click on the titles of the courses listed, or visit our courses webpage. The application deadline is approaching – register now to reserve your place!

Need financial assistance? Scholarships are available.

Thanks to support from the government of Malta, partial scholarships are available for applicants from developing countries to attend upcoming Diplo online courses. These scholarships cover 30%–60% of course fees and can be applied to most online courses in 2021. Browse our course catalogue and contact us at admissions@diplomacy.edu for further information.

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Upcoming events

◆ IG Briefing #71: Internet governance in January 2021 (26 Jan.)

What were the main internet governance (IG) updates in January 2021? How will recent updates influence the developments in the upcoming months? Join us on Tuesday, 26th January, at 13:00 UTC (14:00 CET) for a round-up of the major global IG and digital policy developments. Register for IG Briefing #71.

◆ WebDebate #45: Visual storytelling for diplomatic practice (2 Feb.)

Diplomacy is often thought of as a practice centering on language. Yet, the visual image of diplomatic practice is increasingly important in a world in which images proliferate and videoconferencing has replaced face-to-face meetings. Join us on Tuesday, 2nd February, at 13:00 UTC (14:00 CET) as we discuss the increasing importance of images and visual storytelling in diplomacy. Register for WebDebate #45.

Blogs and publications

◆ 20 focus areas of Diplo and the GIP for 2021

Now that we have turned the page over to another year, we have prepared two blog posts on Diplo and GIP plans for 2021, additionally reflecting on the work and accomplishments achieved in 2020.

GIP Digital Watch: ‘Elections in the Digital Age’

How are elections affected by the digital age? Our DW trend page goes beyond the obvious element of e-voting, and into an analysis of how artificial intelligence, data and privacy protection, cybersecurity, internet shutdowns, online campaigning, social media, and public-private partnerships enter the equation. Read more.

◆ Free ConfTech Lab tutorial: How to set up your online conference presentation

How many times have you wondered if your lighting, camera, background, or microphone are adequate for your remote presentation? Our new ConfTech tutorial will help you set up the scene, lighting, camera, and audio for an optimal online conferencing experience. Read the tutorial.

Diplo team at external events

◆ Conference: Harnessing the Power of Culture in Mediation, Conflict Prevention, and Resolution (17–18 Jan.)

The virtual conference will seek to bring insights into the role of culture in conflict, and how the concepts of culture are being framed in mediation, and conflict prevention and resolution. Speakers will include DiploFoundation’s Executive Director Jovan Kurbalija, Diplo senior fellows Mr Alex Sceberras Trigona and Amb. Kishan S. Rana, and Diplo lecturer Amb. Amr Aljowaily. Find out more.

Don’t miss …

◆ Harvard Law School blog post: ‘Diplomacy Examples in the Covid-19 Era’

‘Traditional negotiation protocols were upended during the Covid-19 pandemic. But as diplomats found new ways to do business, the news wasn’t all bad.’

The blog post ‘Diplomacy Examples in the Covid-19 Era’, published on Harvard Law School’s Program on Negotiation blog, cites Diplo posts on the subject. Read the blog post.

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