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DiploNews – Issue 28 – 24 November 2000

DiploNews – Issue 28 – November 24, 2000

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DiploProjects is pleased to announce that the DiploDirectory , a detailed online survey of websites of ministries of foreign affairs, embassies, and diplomatic and consular missions, is now available. The directory database includes close to 200 ministries of foreign affairs and 2000 diplomatic missions. Along with the address of each website, the directory provides links to frequently consulted pages of the websites (e.g. foreign policy, who's who, consular information). This service is essential both for those involved in international affairs, and also for the general public, as websites of diplomatic services include a wealth of information including visa requirements, tourist information and historical and cultural background.

International Conference on Language and Diplomacy, 26 – 28 January, 2001, Malta

DiploProjects, at the Mediterranean Academy of Diplomatic Studies, has organised several conferences on knowledge and diplomacy over the last few years. Discussion during conference sessions has highlighted the importance of language for diplomacy. Although previous conferences have included presentations on language and diplomacy, we decided to dedicate an entire conference to the topic this year.

Presentations at the International Conference on Language and Diplomacy will examine traditional aspects of language in diplomacy, for example, language training, negotiation, interpretation and translation, written and verbal diplomatic communication, diplomatic signalling, rhetorical patterns and ambiguities, as well as new issues raised by information technology, such as possibilities for automatic translation, language diversity and the Internet, and DiploML.

Presentations will address the issue from both theoretical and practical perspectives, but should always be relevant to the practice of diplomacy.

For more information or to register to attend this conference, visit the conference website.

International Conference on Web-Management in Diplomacy, 9 – 11 February, 2001, Malta

In recent years, as the importance of the Internet has grown and the number of users increased, the Internet has become an important public diplomacy tool for diplomatic services, and also for non-governmental organisations, international organisations and others who present their views about international developments to the public. While the importance of the Internet for public diplomacy has greatly increased, knowledge of techniques for web-development, in many cases, has not. Many diplomatic services have entered this terra nulius and developed websites without any previous knowledge or experience, using a trial-and-error approach. While this approach sufficed during the early phases of web-development, the increasing demand for information via the web, as well as the increasing quantity of information available require a professional and consistent management approach.

Now is an appropriate time to reflect and draw lessons from past experience with web-development. We should note mistakes to avoid and mark paths for continuing development. DiploProjects has organised the International Conference on Web-Management in Diplomacy with the aim of creating a forum for discussion of all issues related to web-management in the field of diplomacy.

For more information, or to register to attend the conference, visit the conference website.

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