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DiploNews – Issue 27 – 24 October 2000

DiploNews – Issue 27 – October 24, 2000

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2001 DiploEdu Online Postgraduate Course in Diplomacy and Information Technology – Call for Applications

DiploEdu will offer it’s third online postgraduate course in Diplomacy and Information Technology, beginning in February, 2001. The course focuses on a broad spectrum of issues, including the position of diplomats in a globalised world, new issues on diplomatic agendas, and the use of the Internet and other IT-based tools for diplomatic activities. In view of DiploProjects' ongoing activities in the field of knowledge management, the course aims to equip participants to perform the function of Diplomatic Knowledge and Information Officer (DKIO) in diplomatic services, international organisations, multinational corporations and other institutions involved in international relations. The course consists of an introductory workshop of 10 days in Malta followed by 8 months of distance learning. Upon successful completion, participants will receive a postgraduate diploma awarded by the University of Malta.

For more information, and to download application materials, please visit the course information website.

Diplomatic Studies Programme Discussion Papers in Diplomacy Online

DiploProjects would like to announce the launching of the Diplomatic Studies Programme (DSP) Discussion Papers in Diplomacy Online . The DSP at Leicester niversity has published Discussion Papers in Diplomacy since 1994. In cooperation with DiploProjects, the DSP is now making these papers available to a wider audience through online publishing in hypertext format. Building on the great success of the print version of the discussion papers, the online version of these papers should increase interactivity and bring a new Internet-based life to the collection. The first two papers available online are "The Diplomacy of Image and Memory: Swiss Bankers and Nazi Gold", by Brian Hocking, and "Negotiating With Rogue States: What Can Theory and Practice Tell Us?" by Brigid Starkey. We invite you to participate by accessing the papers and making comments via the hypertext system. (For further information on how to use the hypertext system please e-mail diplo@diplomacy.edu ).

Job Opportunity in Diplomatic Studies

Applications are invited for a Chair of Politics in the Department of Politics at the University of Leicester. The Centre for the Study of Diplomacy is located in the Department of Politics and, among other fields, the University encourages applications from those with a specialism in Diplomatic Studies.

New board members for ICANN

On October 16, 2000, the International Herald Tribune reported that Internet users around the world had elected five new members to the board of ICANN, the organisation which governs the Internet. According to the International Herald Tribune, these new members may give noncommercial users more influence over the Net's development. ICANN's decisions on technical issues such as domain names influence the Internet's use and growth. The organisation, created in 1998 to take over naming duties from the U.S. government, is often accused of favoring commercial and business interests over individuals.

The entire article is now available online.

Thanks to Paolo Properini for sending us this article.

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