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DiploNews – Issue 198 – 15 February 2012

Upcoming online courses

From the fundamentals of diplomacy to the most exciting new trends: check our three interactive online courses starting in May 2012: 

Courses start the week of 7 May 2012. Apply by 5 March for University of Malta accredited courses or by 2 April for Diplo Certificate Courses. For further information or to apply, click on the titles of the courses above, or visit our courses website. Register now to reserve your place.

Diplomacy of Small States has further strengthened my knowledge and belief that regardless of constraints, some small states have shown their ability to project formidable foreign policy initiatives. The course has to a large extent helped to broaden my horizon at a global level, thanks to the weekly assignments from colleagues, analysing the different perspectives on how small states practice their diplomacy.

Momodu Wurie, Head of Chancery,
Embassy of the Republic of Sierra Leone in Tripoli, Libya

Extension for applications for IGF Multistakeholder Advisory Group (MAG)

An extension has been granted for nominations for positions on the Internet Governance Forum Multistakeholder Advisory Group (IGF MAG), a group established by the Secretary-General of the United Nations to assist in the planning of the annual Internet Governance Forum. Diplo is working to facilitate a more inclusive selection for the MAG by encouraging members of Diplo’s IG community to apply for the positions. Those interested are asked to submit their application to the IGF secretariat, and to post to information on the main blog at www.diplointernetgovernance.org. Diplo’s IG community will then vote for the applicants. Diplo community recommendations will be forwarded to the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA). More information is available here.   

French second edition of An Introduction to Internet Governance now available

The second edition of the Introduction a la Gouvernance de l’Internet is now available for download. The book is a translation of the fourth edition of An Introduction to Internet Governance by Jovan Kurbalija. The new edition was translated by the Centre Africain de Complémentarité Scolaire, Universitaire et de Promotion (CACSUP) and the Burundi Youth Training Centre (BYTC). The edition was published under Diplo’s ICT Policy and IG programme for ACP countries, run with the support of the Secretariat of the ACP Group of States and funded by the European Union.

Discussing Internet Governance issues

‘If this year can be judged by its first month, 2012 will be a very eventful year for Internet governance,’ says Jovan Kurbalija in his blog post on the round-up of events for January, in which he describes the events in chronological detail. Bookmark the blog post: the round-ups will make a very useful calendar of IG developments throughout the year. In another blog post, Mary Murphy reacts to an article in Forbes on the need to address and fix the Internet’s weaknesses, problems, and abuses. On our IG community site www.diplointernetgovernance.org, Arzak Khan talks about the politics of digital surveillance in Pakistan, and the various techniques in use, while Trevor Phipps shares an article on the 10 Threats to the Golden Age of the Internet

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