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DiploNews – Issue 175 – 15 February 2011

DiploNews – Issue 175 – February 15,

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May Courses

You are invited to apply for the following courses beginning the week of 9 May 2011:

These courses are available as University of Malta Accredited Courses (application deadline 7 March 2011) and as Diplo Certificate Courses (application deadline 4 April 2011). For further information or to apply, click on the titles of the courses above or visit our courses website.

This course [Diplomacy of Small States] helped me to understand more
clearly the vulnerabilities of small states and how, despite their
smallness, these states can maximize the opportunities afforded by the
multilateral system to enhance their causes.

~Nancy Nicholas, Consul, Embassy of St Lucia in Cuba

E-Briefings on European Union Diplomatic Challenges

On February 7, Brussels e-briefings host and Diplo Fellow Richard Werly led an online talk on the diplomatic challenges that the European Union faces in 2011. The Brussels-based correspondent for Le Temps discussed EU policy in light of recent turmoil in Tunisia and Egypt. The EU faces the challenge of making itself heard in the Middle East at a time when not every European country shares the same concerns about this troubled region. At the same time, the European External Action Service, criticised across European media, needs time to strengthen its capabilities. For a digest of the discussion, visit Brussels e-briefings.

E-Diplomacy Panel on Diplomatic Reporting

Diplomats and other professionals joined the e-diplomacy panel on 9 February to discuss Diplomatic Reporting in the Internet Era after WikiLeaks. The discussion, co-organised by DiploFoundation and the Geneva Centre for Security Policy, took place in Geneva and was simultaneously broadcast online. A number of Diplo students attending a 10-day workshop in Malta as part of their professional programme also followed the discussion. The e-diplomacy panel, including Ambassador Victor Camilleri, Malta’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations in Geneva and DiploFoundation board president, Ambassador Kishan Rana, former Indian diplomat and DiploFoundation Senior Fellow, and Mr Philippe Mottaz, from World Radio Switzerland, was moderated by Dr Jovan Kurbalija, DiploFoundation director, and Mr Marc Finaud, Special Advisor to the Director at the Geneva Centre for Security Policy. For a digest of the discussions, a recording, background material, and more, visit Diplo’s E-Diplomacy website. Register here to receive the latest updates on webinars, events, publications, and blog posts.

Economic Diplomacy: A New Book

Professor Emeritus, Lecturer, and Senior Fellow of DiploFoundation, Kishan S Rana, has co-edited a new book, Economic Diplomacy: India’s Experience. Economic diplomacy includes the promotion of trade and investments, management of aid and other financial flows, tourism promotion, and the management of all the regulatory issues that affect a country’s external economic policy; it is handled by the foreign ministry and the economic ministries, and involves contributions by non-state actors. Economic Diplomacy: India’s Experience tells the story of India’s economic diplomacy through twenty-seven essays that portray a mosaic of experience in different situations around the world. A table of contents and three chapters from the book are available for free download at the Consumer Unity & Trust Society (CUTS) website, where those interested may order a copy of the book. Ambassador Rana holds an MA in economics and served in the Indian Foreign Service from 1960-95. He has been a distance education teacher in diplomatic studies since 1999 and currently holds the position of Professor Emeritus at DiploFoundation, where he conducts several distance-learning courses. Ambassador Rana has developed distance courses for the Canadian Foreign Affairs Department and the British Foreign Office and has lectured at diplomatic training institutions in numerous countries. He is the author of several other books and has written more than 40 articles for various journals.

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