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DiploNews – Issue 131 – 17 December 2009

DiploNews – Issue 131 – December 17, 2009

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February 2009 Courses

Diplo invites you to apply for the following courses, beginning the week of 23 February 2009:

These courses are available as University of Malta Accredited Courses (application deadline 22 December 2008) and as Diplo Certificate Courses (application deadline 19 January 2009). For further information or to apply, click on the titles of the courses above, or visit our courses website.

Online Training for Climate Change Diplomats

Over the next three months, Diplo will train twenty-six diplomats and officials from small and developing states in climate change diplomacy. Diplo will offer this first online course with the support of the governments of Malta and Switzerland. By attending this course, the participants will prevent the generation of an estimated sixty tons of carbon dioxide. In February, when participants complete the course, they will become the first recipients of the Certificate in Climate Change Diplomacy and professional advocates of the positions of their countries in international climate change negotiations. For more information, see the Diplo press release.

Diplo at the Third Annual Internet Governance Forum

AfDiplo had a large delegation of fellows, partners, and friends at the third Internet Governance Forum. The group was engaged in different workshops and plenary debates on access, diversity, multilingualism, security, and other issues related to the future of the Internet. In particular, Diplo community members organized workshops on the themes of youth, network neutrality, and best practices on capacity building. A strong presence was also felt in the themes of privacy, gender and digital education. The activities for delegates were prepared online using the Diplo Internet governance community portal days in advance of the meeting. A significant partner promoting the successful presence of Diplo in the Forum was the National Internet Exchange of India, which brought together representatives of the Indian community in a capacity building programme coordinated by Ginger Paque, Priyanthi Daluwatte, and Stephanie Psaila. One highlight of the event was the negotiation simulation facilitated by Ambassador Kishan Rana, Jovan Kurbalija, and Vladimir Radunovic. Participants participated in a brief training programme on negotiation strategies and then were assigned roles to play in different topics of Internet governance.

The Diplo Internet Governance Community

Providing educational and networking possibilities to Diplo graduates of the Internet governance capacity building programme motivated the design of a community Internet portal. The portal allows former participants of the Internet governance capacity building initiatives to stay in touch with one another, become informed, and broadcast information regarding their projects. Diplo considered many different tools and platforms for this purpose and invited Sheraan Amod to prepare a report; his report was recently implemented and in the month since its official launch, the community portal has gained nearly three hundred members who actively discuss Internet governance topics under thirty-seven groups and hundreds of blog posts and discussion threads. With the portal, alumni from different years and regions can all connect, find partners for projects, and share relevant information. Seiiti Arata is the community facilitator.

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