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DiploNews – Issue 115 – 3 December 2007

DiploNews – Issue 115 – December 3, 2007

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2008 Diplo Courses

You are invited to see our 2008 online course schedule, available on our course catalogue.

We are currently accepting applications for our February 2008 online courses:

  • Diplomatic Theory and Practice
    (Prof G. R. Berridge, Mr Haraldur Þór Egilsson, Mr Christiaan Sys)
  • Cyber Diplomacy
    (Mr Stefano Baldi, Dr Jovan Kurbalija and Dr Andrei Mikheyev)
  • Public Diplomacy
    (Ambassador Kishan Rana and Dr Biljana Scott)

These three courses are available as Online Credit Courses (application deadline: December 17, 2007) and Online Certificate Courses (application deadline: January 14, 2008).

For further information, click on the titles of the courses above, or visit our courses website.

Last Call for Abstracts: Conference on Climate Change and Diplomacy

The International Conference on Climate Change Diplomacy will be held on February 7-8, 2008 in Malta. The conference will focus on post-Bali developments. The main emphasis will be on coordinating various capacity building activities in the field of climate change diplomacy. For further information, or to submit an abstract for a conference presentation, please consult the conference website. The deadline for the submission of abstracts is December 10, 2007.

Master’s Graduation – University of Malta

The first eleven candidates to complete Diplo’s Master in Contemporary Diplomacy graduated on Wednesday, November 28, 2007. The University of Malta graduation ceremony took place at the Jesuits church in Valletta, Malta. During 2006 and 2007, these eleven students, from ten different countries, wrote dissertations focusing on a diverse range of topics, covering economic diplomacy, human rights issues, conflict resolution and peace-making, virtual diplomacy, and development issues, among others. We would like to congratulate Zenja Basagic, Valeriu Nicolae Ciolan, Naim Dedushaj, Miso Dokmanovic, Olesya Grech, Walton Salas Hamilton, Nevena Ruzic, Poussi Sawadogo, Wassef Serhan, Faten Sharaf, and Amela Sudzuka, and to thank the Diplo faculty members who worked with them. We look forward to many more MA graduates in the years to come. You can read more in the Times of Malta article on the graduation ceremony and list of graduates.

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