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The US approach to offline and online threats and attacks on critical infrastructure by non-state actors

Scott Spence

The US government has increasingly identified critical infrastructure as a particularly attractive target for criminal and terrorist groups that seek to injure the state’s interests and capabilities. But what is c...

Quo vadis, United Nations?: Is the UN system too complex for its own good and how relevant is it today?

André Xuereb

14 January 2022

Multilateral diplomacy

Human history, as in fact the story of life itself, is a series of false starts, missteps, and incremental improvements, punctuated with very occasional quantum leaps. In diplomacy and politics, just as in evolution, ...

Summit meetings: Their importance in diplomacy

Giorgos Samouel

Summits between state leaders that have no tangible outcomes are frequently considered a failure and a loss of resources and time. This post will provide a brief account of the arguments for and against the importanc...

Strategies of modern-day small states

Alfred Tabone

A general, yet to a certain extent incorrect, feeling in international relations is that smaller states are weaker than large or medium-sized states.  Many factors shed light on this school of thought, including t...

Small enterprises, large role: Digital adoption critical to post-COVID-19 business revival

Samar Verma

\'Locked units, dead stock, no sales, demanding vendors, uncollected payments and mounting expenses – COVID-19 has been the last nail in the coffin for a host of MSMEs.\' 111 million people in India are employed ...

‘Deplatforming’ Donald Trump was a necessary quick fix. What now?

Sebastian Monnet

In the twilight of a presidency characterised by 30,573 lies and constant misinformation, most social media platforms have permanently suspended Donald Trump’s accounts – a move also known as ‘the Great Deplatfo...

Beyond partnership and participation: Community organising for ownership in humanitarian diplomacy and aid

Hannah Bird

The way in which the humanitarian aid sector operates has been challenged for some time. It is increasingly acknowledged that UN agencies and international non-governmental organisations (NGOs), often along with other...

Our TikTokable lives: Can 15-second ‘lifebites’ pose a threat to national security?

Rowena Farrugia

20 April 2021


When the pandemic was declared last year, and lockdown measures were put in place, stress and anxiety levels were not the only things to spike. By April 2020, TikTok generated a staggering 2 billion downloads across ...