Stephanie Borg Psaila   07 Dec 2010   E-Diplomacy

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While the world is talking WikiLeaks, I cannot fail to think: what if even more classified information is compromised? Is technology failing us? What we should question is not simply what has been leaked, but how it has happened…

The Guardian describes how a young soldier, Bradley Manning, was the person who allegedly downloaded the confidential information on a memory stick:

‘The US military believes it knows where the leak originated. A soldier, Bradley Manning, 22, has been held in solitary confinement for the last seven months and is facing a court martial in the new year. The former intelligence analyst is charged with unauthorised downloads of classified material while serving on an army base outside Baghdad. He is suspected of taking copies not only of the state department archive, but also of video of an Apache helicopter crew gunning down civilians in Baghdad, and hundreds of thousands of daily war logs from military operations in Afghanistan and Iraq…

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This blog post was first published on, the online companion to Jovan Kurbalija's book 'An Introduction to Internet Governance'.

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