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What are the peace symbols of today?

Published on 11 November 2022
Updated on 05 January 2023
We submitted the word ‘peace’ in a new AI system, called DALL-E 2 that can create images from a description in natural language, and received the visual response below.
Image of peace generated by AI. There is a girl that shows signs V and hearts as in typical selfies.
Image generated by DALL-E 2 for term ‘peace’
In today’s selfie culture, AI recognised the widely used heart and victory signs as signs of peace. The image depicts a woman, implying that peace is seen as a female trait and/or more women are taking selfies compared to men. This AI image for peace prompts the question: Do current generations see peace through traditional peace symbols, such as the olive branch or dove?
image with dove and olive branch
Or will we need to update peace symbols such as the olive branches in the UN logo to communicate better with younger and future generations?
Logo of United Nations.
Symbols evolve and change along with our culture and society. To communicate peace, the 1960s and Woodstock generation used this sign…
Peace sign of 1960s
…. calling for nuclear disarmament via a combination of letters N and D in naval semaphore code.
Semaphore position for N and D meaning Nuclear Disarmament.
Semaphore positions for “N” & “D” Image: hillquest.com
The following logos were used at two peace events held this month (November 2022) in Geneva and Paris.
Logo of Paris Peace Forum
Logo Geneva Peace Week
The Summit on Digital Diplomacy and Governance will address the impact of AI and social media on diplomacy and international governance in Malta and online on 18-19 November 2022!

Join us in situ or online! Register for the summit here.

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  1. Ginger Paque
    Ginger Paque says:

    Jovan, that’s a lovely piece and creative use of AI and images. However, could you please explain this line: ‘implying that more females are taking selfies’.

    Although this is probably true (see the statistics on selfies at https://photutorial.com/selfie-statistics/), it’s not necessarily relevant. I would infer that images identified as women are linked to peaceful things — creativity, children, strength, happiness, heath, intelligence, and hope — some of the building blocks for peace — the characteristics you defined in your algorithm for the analysis.

    Since you highlight the female image, I’m curious about your research and thought process on this topic. Thanks for the thought-provoking post.


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