Stephanie Borg Psaila   25 Nov 2010   Internet Governance

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The Second Committee of the General Assembly yesterday approved the draft resolution on ‘Information and communications technologies for development’ (A/C.2/65/L.56). The text was approved by consensus.

In a press release, the UN said that ‘speaking prior to the Committee’s action on that text, the representative of the United States said the draft could have better reflected steps by the Internet Governance Forum to examine its working methods and participation, a sentiment echoed by the representatives of Belgium (on behalf of the European Union) and Canada (on behalf of CANZ, including Australia and New Zealand) after the draft was approved.’

It also said that ‘the representative of the United States stressed that discussions and policymaking on Internet governance must include the full range of stakeholders, adding that the consensus reached on the text regrettably did not better reflect steps by the Internet Governance Forum to examine its working methods and participation.’

The text is expected to be adopted by the Plenary of the General Assembly as soon as next week, or possibly the week after, our source has confirmed.

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