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New Alumni Hub: supporting the work of our Alumni

DiploFoundation is proud to announce a new initiative aimed at supporting the work of its alumni, in recognition of their achievements.

The new Alumni Hub, at www.diplomacy.edu/courses/diplo-alumni/, will feature articles, events, webinars, alumni dissertations, research, and other updates and announcements, related to Diplo’s alumni.

Diplo has an alumni base of over 5,000 members from 208 countries and territories around the world. Many alumni hold prominent positions in government ministries, diplomatic missions, international organisations, and other institutions.

If you are a Diplo alumnus, we invite you to share your research, work, and achievements. Send your content to Patrick Borg, Master/PGD in Contemporary Diplomacy Coordinator, at patrickb@diplomacy.edu

We also invite you to visit our new alumni map: https://learn.diplomacy.edu/alumni/map/. You can log in at the top of the map using your online classroom user ID to update your location and profile.


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11 July 2016

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