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LEONID (not verified) November 24, 2016

The article is a poignant journey into a very interesting subject. As usual, Jovan proves a very insightful Vergilius for a unexperienced reader (think of a three- cities-in-two-days package). I would only add that according to Confucius, at the heart of the system there is ritual as an unchanged legacy as the only compass and benchmark for all the actions. So claiming, time and again, the commitment to whatever multi - (whether stakeholdersim, or lateralism) is an essential part of the IG process; likewise, the mantra of "the global community" is needed to legitimize whatever action undertaken in the name of humanity. Lastly, gathering for a sterile dialogue at least 4 times a year is an absolute imperative for the community to display the commitment in question.

Jovan Kurbalija November 26, 2016

Thank you Leonid for pointing to Confucius and rituals. Rituals are the most underestimated social practices in modernity. Rituals could not fit into logic where every human action must have very ultiliatianian logic (outcome/output). Life was reduced to algorithm. Rituals bring 'irrational rationality'. As Confucius argued rituals help in shaping identity and belonging to the group. They also help in handling time. We have been running monthly briefings (every last Tuesday in the month at 13.00 CET). It has become 'ritual in making'. Confucius and rituals will be introduced in the next version of the text.

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