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LACIGF: Regional IGF success, RP success

Published on 11 October 2012
Updated on 05 April 2024

Who were the biggest winners at the recent Latin America and Caribbean IGF preparatory meeting? Well, all Internet users, especially from LAC, I suppose. But from my point of view, remote participants (or local participants, depending upon how you define local and remote) and advocates of improved inclusion in regional and global policy processes were significant winners.

For an overview of the meeting, see Fatima Cambronero’s post and for a great commentary in Spanish, read the article by Lito Ibarra here. For a social media view, do a Twitter search on #LACIGF5 or #FGIColombia — the Twitter stream ran in all directions and in at least three languages (Spanish, English and Portuguese). 

We are not keeping score, but the best statistic coming out of the meeting was this: 163 in situ participants, and 483 unique online viewers/participants. Congratulations to Colnodo and all of the other organizers and sponsors, as well as the participants. Definitely a step forward for access, diversity and inclusion in global IG processes.


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