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Join us during the 7th Internet Governance Forum!

Published on 01 November 2012
Updated on 05 April 2024

Like many others who will be attending the 7th IGF, we are in the midst of preparations to attend the Baku meeting and to take part in the discussions, workshops and other events that will take place during the IGF week.

Join us during the 7th Internet Governance Forum!Diplo will be co-organising several workshops, in cooperation with our partners, and would like to invite you to join us:

–       A New Delegates Briefing Session, which is being organised especially for those who are following the IGF for the first time.

–       A session on Capacity building as a key element to strengthen the multistakeholder model in the Internet Governance environment, which aims to bring together various players which have developed different kinds of capacity building programmes for IG issues during the past years.

–       Workshop on Remote participation: Reality and principles, which will address the policy challenges around free flow of information and freedom of expression.

–       Workshop on Local Content Production and Dissemination as a Driver of Access, which will address the question: Is the creation of local content that expands and deepens the pool of knowledge all of us share on the Internet a driver of access?

–       Workshop on Localisation of Data and its Implications for Economic Development, which will address local data directives and the challenges and trade-offs which developing countries face with implementing these directives.

Other events and activities are planned for next week: A number of fellows sponsored by VeriSign and fellows sponsored the Central European Initiative will attend workshops, discuss themes, and blog about main and emerging issues on Diplo’s Internet governance community. Everyone is invited to join the discussions! Sign up here.

During the IGF, Diplo will also present the results of the pilot phase of the project The Emerging Language of Internet Diplomacy. The main aim of the project is to contribute towards informed Internet governance processes by providing evidence-based research.

A more detailed list of Diplo’s IGF activities is available here.

Follow us during the IGF:
– Twitter: @igcbp
– Facebook: www.facebook.com/igcbp
– Facebook page: www.facebook.com/internetgovernance
– Youtube: www.youtube.com/DiploFoundation

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